Tzvetkoff Spotted in New York!

After almost two years the Brisbane businessman reappears

The latest industry news include reports that former payment processor and alleged FBI informant Daniel Tzvetkoff had been spotted strolling about in New York with his family, looking pretty unrestricted, although he did warn the reporters who approached him that “protection” is nearby.

“No that’s not me,” Tzvetkoff is reported to have said, adding: “Look, you’re going to get in a lot of trouble. There are people with us who you’re going to be in trouble with.”

The last time Tzvetkoff was seen was back in June 2010 when he was accompanied by FBI agents after his arrest earlier that year at a Las Vegas conference.

In cooperation with enforcement authorities, which remained secretive regarding his whereabouts in order to protect their informant, he reportedly made available 90,000 incriminating documents and communications, providing evidence in support of Department of Justice charges against major operators, and playing a major role in the successful shutdown in the USA of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker on Black Friday a year ago.

In addition, he could also be put up on a witness stand in criminal charges against the online poker site operators that have been the subject of Black Friday indictments.
Source: Latest Poker Bonuses

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