PokerStars a Great Place to Work

Isle of Man-based online poker operator named in UK$s Best Workplaces Survey

PokerStars has been named in the UK’s Best Workplaces by The Great Place to Work Institute, which is among the most well-known consultancies specializing in workplace assessment and enhancement.

Each year the Institute conducts surveys and performs a cultural audit of around 5,500 organizations worldwide which involves the feedback of approximately 10 million employees. Rankings and categories of these companies are based on their country$s workplace values of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Half of PokerStars$ 1,200 employees are located in their UK offices in London and the isle of Man.

There are a number of key factors that set PokerStars apart such as employee benefits and rewards, strong professional development opportunities and a diverse workforce according to the Institute. PokerStars was ranked high on the list along with other high profile companies includinge VW, Xoom Works, Microsoft, Ernst and Young, McDonalds, Phillip Morris and Nike.

Lynn Hunter, director of HR at PokerStars, said: “As a fast-growing company, attracting and retaining talented people is critical to our business, so we are dedicated to ensuring our employees are well supported, nurtured and rewarded.

“This is the first time we’ve participated in the Great Place to Work survey, so it’s especially gratifying to know that our efforts are contributing to the success of our business, and that employees consider PokerStars to be a Great Place to Work.”

Tom O’Byrne, chief executive, Great Place to Work commented: “This has been a good year for the Best Workplaces list. The standard of entry has been particularly high so getting a place on the list is a significant achievement. We assess and select the best workplaces by examining how management create trust in the workplace through various policies, practices and initiatives. But the real measure of whether an organisation is a great place to work is whether employees say it is.”
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