North Dakota Lawmaker Told Them So

After seven years the state is now reconsidering the online gambling option

Jim Kasper, North Dakota Representative, has finally got a chance to show off in the state legislature this week when lawmakers discussed online lottery legalisation possibilities correspondingly to the Department of Justice policy change in the Wire Act.

Kasper’s attempt to introduce an internet gambling bill in 2005 was rejected by his fellow lawmakers, so he said that “vindication comes to mind” regarding his failed attempt to give his state high profit and an opportunity to be among the leaders in US regulation. He told his colleagues that the state may have lost out on millions of dollars by turning down internet poker seven years ago.

“Obviously we can’t go back, but it’s conceivable that all the property tax of the people of North Dakota could have been paid for by the tax on the internet poker companies because they would have come to our state; now that’s hindsight and that didn’t happen. The point I make is we still have a great opportunity potentially, in the 2013 session, if the legislature decides to go that route to re-look at the licensing and regulation of internet poker companies.” Kasper said.

Urging a more conservative approach the state Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said that Congress first needs to amend the 1961 Wire Act, created long before the advent of the internet.

However, Kasper denied his planning to offer new internet poker legislation in 2013.
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