New Legalization Initiative by the PPA

Black Friday anniversary used to launch the initiative

In the eve of the first anniversary of Black Friday, the Poker Players Alliance announced the launch of a new protest against the restrictions politicians and enforcement agencies have imposed on poker in the country.

The organization titled the initiative “The Players Will Never Fold”, and in this fresh campaign, which will run through April 16 it strives to encourage players to voice their disapproval of the measures against poker. To do so, the PPA suggests they should get in touch with their political and media representatives.

The alliance informed their members: “One year ago, U.S. government action resulted in the shutdown of major U.S.-facing poker websites. To mark the anniversary of this day and to send the message to our elected representatives that we demand action on legislation to license online poker, let$s all tell Congress that the poker players and enthusiasts of this great nation will never fold in the fight for the right to play America$s favorite card game!”
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