Leif Force Gets WSOP Bracelet

Leif Force, 29, has become well known for the million dollar score he won at the 2006 WSOP. Now, Force has more to be excited about as he has got his very own World Series of Poker bracelet.

On Thursday, Force won the first ever Heads-Up Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold$em event at the World Series in Las Vegas earning him $207,708.

“I actually wasn’t going to play it because like most of the heads-up tournaments, I thought it was going to be where you play a full round of hold ’em and then maybe switch to Omaha,” Force said to the WSOP. “I didn’t really check the structure sheets. Then I looked, and I found out it was 20 minutes, switching back-and-forth, and I booked my ticket right then $hellip; I loved the tournament. It was turbo for the most part, which is great because that’s how I think Omaha should be. You know, a little gamble here and there.”

“[The bracelet] really doesn’t mean that much,” he said. “I’m not in it for just purely the money either. I’ve never considered myself, like, just to play just to make money, like grind it out, as they would say. I used to play with my entire bank roll. Just like in the World Series in 2006, I put all of my $10,000 on the line. I used to play with every cent I had online. Just like, win or lose, see what happens. I play to win. I’m uber-competitive. Whatever I play, I just want to win. All the other things don’t really matter that much.”
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