Dwan Takes Down Multi-Million Dollar Win!

The Big Game match lucrative for the poker ace

These days will be remembered by Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan as one of the most lucrative in his poker playing career, as he has seen extremely big success in Macau where he took a US$ 3.8 million victory against an unnamed Asian businessman this week.

The match was part of The Big Game, which has been running daily at StarWorld Hotel$s Poker King Club for the past week. It was also reported in the media that “The Poker King Club nosebleed games have been running with blinds as high as HKD $30,000/$60,000 (US$3850/$7700) recently but, at the time of Dwan$s juicy hand, they were at a more palatable HKD $10,000/$20,000 (US $1300/$2600).

“Unfortunately, details of the action in the hand are a bit sketchy but, according to a source, Dwan was holding Ace-Ten and up against a Chinese businessman with Ace-Deuce.

“The pot was certainly the biggest of the night but it$s not known whether Dwan left a winner or not at the end of the session.”
Source: Latest Poker Bonuses

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