China Continues To Block Online Casino Sites

online casino

China is using their frustration with the US to expand the regulations against online casino access to their country’s residents. China is no longer allowing foreign investment or foreign operators to tap into the nation’s Internet gaming market. The General Administration of Press & Publication, which oversees Internet content censorship in China, will no longer permit any foreigner, or foreign owned company to offer services to Chinese residents in the online gaming field.

China says that this pronouncement is intended to control illegal Internet content, which is just a clever way of saying its aim is to restrict and censor content for Chinese residents. The administration will require that all online gaming operators register with it, and they need to approve any games being made available online. The general administration will work with the Ministry of Culture to control Internet access, block online casinos and other illegal content. China continues to control what it’s own citizens and see, hear, or enjoy over the Internet.

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